Hello! How are you doing?

We are Renan and Vanessa and today we have come to share a little of our dream.
We were born and raised in a small town in the countryside of Brazil and, in the coincidences of destiny, we met in a job. After years of friendship and a happy relationship, we decided to get married and that is where the reason for this text comes in.
For some personal and family reasons, we crave the desire for a Elopement Wedding. Today, together with the construction of our small house, we draw them as a goal, as a dream.
After much talk we decided to do something simpler, just the two of us, because besides being our style, we will be able to give priority to both goals.
We know that marrying and building a house at the same time is not an easy task or a cheap one. But we also know that it is not impossible. We are constantly working for this, whether in our jobs or in some "gigs." All for the sake of our dream.
So we came here to ask you, who sympathized with our cause and want to help us, JUST ONE DOLLAR, your positive thinking or your prayer.
Thank you!

You can help with US$ 1.00, US$ 10.00, US$ 50.00 or any other amount. Just click the button above or use the QR Code below!